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Why does LeTip require you to visit your fellow members?

To build trust, awareness and confidence. As a member of their sales force, the opportunity to visit with another member at their place of business will allow you to increase your tips to them.

 When you give your visitation report, what’s expected of you?

 To give a commercial for the member you visited. The commercial should include their name, business name and what a great tip for them would be.

 How do you find out what a great tip for them is?

 Interview them.

 Here are some great questions for your LeTip visitation:

 Why did you get into this business?

 Who are your ideal clients?

 Why would my customers, friends or family want to d business with you?

 Who’s your competition? Why are you a better choice?

March Visitation Schedule

***If you DO NOT SEE your name please let me know ASAP***